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Responsibilities Of Divorce Lawyer Extending Beyond The Courtroom

court-lawyers-600wFamily court lawyers have varied responsibilities to fulfill. Their role does not end with just providing legal advice and representing their clients in the court, at times they wear the robes of a counselor, bookkeeper, investigator, negotiator and more. Obtaining divorce for his client is just one of the many responsibilities a divorce lawyer discharges. Before a divorce is granted there are many duties a lawyer has to perform and this includes negotiating with the couple for reconciliation, getting separation agreement ready, filing the papers in the family court and take part in the proceeding to end the marriage.

Finding-A-LawyerThe divorce proceedings do not end with the judge signing the papers. The lawyer’s help is needed even after this to handle ancillary issues. Some of the issues that can be a big concern after acquiring divorcee include child custody, status change, visitation and more. Child custody is a contentious issue that a divorce lawyer has to face soon after the dissolution of marriage order has been passed. The lawyer has to represent their client in this issue by suggesting legal remedies for child support. In most cases, there may not be an agreement on the issue of child custody. Sometimes situations may change like loss of job, remarriage, migration, etc. A modification of child support is necessary during such scenarios.

Visitation is normally linked with child support. Visitation will be denied if the support is not paid. It is also common that the respondent hold on to the support unless the visitation is allowed. Though visitation and child support are two different issues in most cases, they are linked leading to complications. It is the responsibility of the attorney to make their clients understand that these are two different issues that need to be addressed separately. Change in status is attributed to remarriage, minor children turning majors and relocation.
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