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Personal Injury – Auto Accident Lawyers

Auto Accident Lawyers

Our experienced and proactive trial attorneys are skilled in investigating and prosecuting motor vehicle accident claims. We concentrate on serious injuries sustained in car, semi-truck, motorcycle, bus, and pedestrian accidents. Our attorneys are known for their aggressive, proactive litigation techniques and negotiating skills; as a result, they have successfully recovered millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for their clients.

Cases arising from motor vehicle accidents are the most common type of personal injury case in our court system today. Every 10 seconds, someone in the United States is involved in an automobile accident, according to the national highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA). The law of negligence usually governs these accident cases. Generally, people who operate automobiles must exercise "reasonable care. A failure to use reasonable care is considered negligence. A person who negligently operates a vehicle may be required to pay for harm to a person or property caused by his or her negligence. The injured person, known as the plaintiff, must prove that the defendant was negligent, that the negligence caused the accident, and that the accident caused the plaintiff's injuries. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney experienced in car accident cases to protect your interests best. More here

As with other types of accidents, figuring out who is at fault in a traffic crash is a matter of deciding who was negligent. Determining who is at fault can be complicated, and an experienced attorney will look to several sources, such as police reports, witnesses, and experienced accident reconstruction experts.

Courts look to several factors in determining whether a driver was negligent. These factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

disobeying traffic signs or signals
failing to use a turn signal
driving too fast
disregarding weather or traffic conditions
driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
distracted driving

A driver may also be liable for an accident due to intentional or reckless conduct. A reckless driver drives unsafely, with "willful and wanton disregard" for the probability that such driving may cause an accident.

Traffic safety and law enforcement organizations are renewing efforts to identify and penalize aggressive drivers. The NHTSA defines aggressive driving as a progression of unlawful driving actions such as:

speeding-exceeding the posted limit
driving too fast for conditions
improper or excessive lane changing
failing to signal intent
failing to see that movement can be made safely
improper passing-failing to signal intent
using an emergency lane to pass
passing on the shoulder.

Every 30 minutes, someone in this country dies in an alcohol-related crash. In a lawsuit arising from a drunk driving accident (in addition to the drunk driver being held liable for the injuries), a bar or club may be liable for damages if they served an intoxicated guest who drove and caused an accident. An experienced personal injury trial attorney can help you identify who might be responsible for your injuries, including people or businesses you may not have thought of.

Sometimes accidents are caused by factors unrelated to any particular driver's conduct. For example, an automobile accident may occur due to a defect in someone's car. In such a case, an automobile manufacturer or supplier may be responsible for injuries caused by a defect in the automobile under the law of product liability. Other factors, such as poorly-maintained roads and malfunctioning traffic control signals, can also contribute to causing an accident. Improper design, maintenance, construction, signage, lighting, or other highway defects, including negligently placed trees, signs, and utility poles, can cause serious accidents. In these cases, government entities may be potential defendants in a lawsuit. For more information about your legal rights following an accident, contact our Law Firm to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys and staff speak Spanish, English