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Welcome to the our Personal Injury - Tractor Trailer Accidents website. Our team of truck accident attorneys has been involved in this type of litigation for many years. These accidents, which involve large, over-the-road tractor-trailers, are generally the most deadly we see atour law Firm. The statistics are frightening: Every year, 500,000 large trucks, or "semis," are involved in accidents on our roads. Of these, 5,000 involve fatalities. In fact, 1 out of every 8 people killed in a traffic accident in the United States is killed in an accident involving a truck -- and it's usually the passengers of the vehicles struck by the trucks, not the truck drivers themselves. personal injury attorneys Odessa Please visit our website today

Truck drivers repeatedly break federal laws by driving:

While fatigued
In excess of the amount of hours they are allowed to drive
With oversized trucks
With overloaded trucks
With improper maintenance
With an inability to see at night

There are three reasons why truck accidents are so dangerous: size, speed and driver fatigue. A fully loaded, over-the-road truck is a huge piece of machinery. When you put something like that on the road at speeds topping 60 miles an hour you get a monster that can run over anything in its path. Then, add the growing problem of driver fatigue. Truck drivers are under constant pressure to move cargo -- so much so, that 16-hour days are not uncommon. A recent study revealed that 20 percent of long-haul truck drivers reported they had fallen asleep at the wheel during the last 30-day period. It’s no wonder that people are killed when one in five drivers admit to falling asleep, leaving these giants with no one at the wheel.

When someone comes in to our offices to talk about a truck accident, we address three major topics: liability, injury and insurance. Liability means who caused the accident. It is the first issue addressed in any accident case because in our legal system, people who cause accidents can’t collect damages. The second issue to be discussed is injury. Was there physical harm done to the person seeking compensation? Lastly, does the party at fault have insurance, or does the innocent party have uninsured motorist insurance coverage to pay for the damages done? It’s important to note that in every successful case there is good liability, injury caused by the negligent party, and insurance to compensate for damages done. In accident law, two out of three isn’t enough.

At our Law Firm we handle truck accidents cases and all other Personal Injury aspects. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an accident involving a tractor-trailer or other large truck, come to us to discuss your legal options. Many trucking companies push drivers to the limit in order to have their goods delivered on time. Their greed has cost hundreds of lives.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about one of these very serious accidents. If we can help, please call or click here and an experienced lawyer from our Firm will promptly contact you and give you the help you need. Please visit our website for more information today

Disclaimer: This blog is strictly informational. No intent to render a legal opinion or giving legal advice is intended.

Texas Car Accident Lawyers - San Antonio Auto Accident Attorneys

Will you get the best settlement for your Texas car accident case?

The Texas car accident lawyer that you choose to represent you in your auto accident case is the often the difference between getting a fair settlement or no settlement. We are the smart choice for your case. Here's why. personal injury attorneys

What We Do For You After Your Texas Car Accident

You probably feel a little confused about your rights after a Texas car accident. You are not alone. The laws are complex and change on a daily basis. Our Texas car accident lawyers will explain your legal rights to you, and help you submit your claims so you can:
* Get the best possible settlement for your car accident case
* Get your medical bills and expenses paid after your car accident
* Get your lost income and wages paid after your car accident
* Get your attendant care, household service, and other insurance benefits
* Get your property damage claim settled
* Handle your no-fault insurance claim from start to finish
* Obtain your traffic accident report
* Obtain all of your medical records
How Do You Choose Your Texas Car Accident Lawyer
You need a Texas car accident law firm that will pay detailed attention to your case. We don't claim to be the biggest car accident law firm in Texas. In fact, we don't want to be the biggest car accident law firm in Texas. Why does this matter to you?truck accident attorneys

Because many law firms sign up as many auto accident cases as possible and try to handle them on a large volume basis. If your file gets caught up in one of those offices, you'll be lucky if your case ever gets settled or if your accident attorney ever returns your phone call.
We are different! In fact, we accept only a limited number of Texas car accident cases every year.
By limiting the number of cases that we accept, we can devote our full time and energy to each car accident client. If we accept your case, you are assured that an experienced car accident lawyer will handle your case. You will personally know the attorney handling your case and will not be shuffled around the office to different staff members.
Types of Car Accident Cases We Handle
We represent Texas car accident victims injured in all types of motor vehicle accident in Texas, including:

court-lawyers-600wFamily court lawyers have varied responsibilities to fulfill. Their role does not end with just providing legal advice and representing their clients in the court, at times they wear the robes of a counselor, bookkeeper, investigator, negotiator and more. Obtaining divorce for his client is just one of the many responsibilities a divorce lawyer discharges. Before a divorce is granted there are many duties a lawyer has to perform and this includes negotiating with the couple for reconciliation, getting separation agreement ready, filing the papers in the family court and take part in the proceeding to end the marriage.

Finding-A-LawyerThe divorce proceedings do not end with the judge signing the papers. The lawyer’s help is needed even after this to handle ancillary issues. Some of the issues that can be a big concern after acquiring divorcee include child custody, status change, visitation and more. Child custody is a contentious issue that a divorce lawyer has to face soon after the dissolution of marriage order has been passed. The lawyer has to represent their client in this issue by suggesting legal remedies for child support. In most cases, there may not be an agreement on the issue of child custody. Sometimes situations may change like loss of job, remarriage, migration, etc. A modification of child support is necessary during such scenarios.

Visitation is normally linked with child support. Visitation will be denied if the support is not paid. It is also common that the respondent hold on to the support unless the visitation is allowed. Though visitation and child support are two different issues in most cases, they are linked leading to complications. It is the responsibility of the attorney to make their clients understand that these are two different issues that need to be addressed separately. Change in status is attributed to remarriage, minor children turning majors and relocation.
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